Rose & Neroli Floral Water Hydramist for Face

Rose & Neroli Hydramist

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This hydrating mist is the essence of je ne sais quoi.  Neroli floral water is known to stimulate circulation and regenerate skin cells, which helps to promote a luminous complexion. Rose floral water is the most exquisite of all floral waters.  It will moisturize and gently tone, while soothing red and inflamed skin. The combination of the two can't be beat, with an elegant scent that is uplifting and calming.


 Rosa damascene (rose floral water), citrus aurantium amara (neroli floral water), vegetable glycerin**, PEG-40 (hydrogenated castor oil)**, potassium sorbate**, dimethicone defoamer**, lactic acid**.

**denotes ingredients added to floral waters by the supplier as a preservative.  Without preservative, floral waters have a shelf life of only a few weeks before harmful bacteria can begin to develop. 


Don't forget this important step in your skin care routine! Apply to clean skin by spritzing directly on face (be sure to close your eyes!), or with a cotton pad to remove any residue from soap or cleansers and impurities. You can also spritz on face throughout the day as desired to freshen. Great to use during airline travel!